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We believe that home is where your heart is, that`s why all our services are focused on making homes as stylish and as comfortable as it gets. Michigan Quartz is the premier fabricator of granite and quartz countertops in the Michigan area. In over 13 years of making homeowners happy, we specialized in remodeling kitchen and bathroom countertops, offering support from design to installation. Whether you are looking for affordable granite kitchen countertops or a stunning, quartz bathroom vanity, we are here to help you bring your dreams to reality.
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Choose your countertop brand wisely

Your Advantages

  • Countertop Execution

    8 quartz lines with over 400 different color styles and shades

  • Unique Quartz Model

    Average execution time for quartz countertops is 7-10 business days from template day

  • Countertop warranty

    We do and control the entire process from fabrication to installation

  • Countertop warranty

    Are marvelous and one-of-a-kind,
    easily maintained

  • Countertop warranty

    Have piece of mind with our 5 year warranty


Nicole Curts

Outstanding job!

"Love my countertops! Guys, you exceeded my expectations!"

Nicole Curtis

HGTV's Rehab Addict

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