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We know that the decision to redecorate your kitchen was a hard one. And we congratulate you for finally taking it! We know what it’s like to get excited thinking about the new things which will make your kitchen and how you’ll start exploring every option you have. But, alas, you have one beast that is always keeping your dreams realistic, and its name is… budget! So, let us help you with some details about the cost of quartz countertops.

Thankfully, when you have chosen to redecorate your kitchen having Michigan Quartz as partner, you made the best choice available in the Michigan area. Not only will your new countertops look fantastic, but they will also be affordable, because we know there are also other things you want to buy in your new kitchen.

When browsing the options of countertops you have, one question will inevitably pop up: should you go for the white, crisp quartz countertops in order to achieve that minimal effect in your kitchen, or would you rather choose quartzite countertops for a more natural look? This decision will greatly impact how your project will end up looking, so we advise you to spend quite some time on it.

Regardless, the next steps you have to take are the same. You have to send a quotation request using our website, where you must specify as many details as possible, like layout and measurements, granite color or group, edge, personal information, etc. You will receive an official quotation from us in no more than 24 hours.

After you have received and accepted our quote, we must schedule a template meeting. This is where one of our representatives will come to measure your project using a state-of-the-art laser templater, to ensure that everything is measured precisely. The final price will be calculated using the measures we take on the job site. Let’s start working on your dream project as soon as possible!