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    Michigan Quartz teeam

    After step 1, you need to contact us by phone or email in order to schedule a template. We will measure the project using our hi-tech laser templater within one or two business days. Please ensure that cabinets are installed and the sink is on the premises before we arrive so we can supply the template. This will happen in a two hour window established together with you, either in the morning or in the afternoon. The final price will be based on the measurements we take on the jobsite, and we will require a 50% deposit in order to move forward with the project.

    In order for us to do a template the following need to be complete in your home:

    - Cabinets need to be installed.
    - The sink needs to be on location so that we may take it back to the shop and use it as a template for the sink cutout.

    On the day of the template, we will give you a two hour window either in the morning or afternoon. This is when you should expect our representative to arrive at your home to begin measuring. We ask for you be there in person during the templating to answer any questions we might have as well as address any concerns you might have to our templator.

    The final price will be calculated based on the measurements taken on the jobsite. We will also verify the stone and the edge selected.

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