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Providing high-quality services day-in and day-out would not be possible unless we worked with the best countertop brands worldwide. And rest assured, we do. Our producers are true market leaders and each of them tries to bring their own approach to countertop manufacturing. They all share the same passion for quality and durability, but have different ways of doing this.

The brands we use import their countertops from all over the world. Brazil, Italy and India are just some of the places where the materials are imported from. Each individual brand we use has their own style and appearance, in order to fit any client’s needs. The quality brought by them is still provided inside a budget, so you don’t end up paying for your countertops more than for the entire kitchen.

Caesarstone, Compac, Definiti and Mont Surfaces are just some of the famous brands we work with. In order to see their entire collection of countertops, their individual style, check our website for a much more in-depth analysis. You can choose there from a very wide range of styles, colors and patterns.

We know the importance of a budget when redecorating a kitchen, and more importantly when choosing countertops. Rest assured, all the brands have not lowered their quality standards, but they also understood they need to budget their products accordingly. That is why all our solutions will be affordable; to make sure you can also finance your other dreams, while having the best countertops in the Michigan area!