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What exactly is quartzite, you might ask? We’ve all heard about granite and quartz countertops, but what exactly is quartzite? It is a metamorphic rock formed from sandstone. The definition of a metamorphic rock is one that has been altered by great energy, which might include pressure or heat.

Quartzite brings some qualities to the table that other materials simply cannot compete with. It is an extremely hard rock and it is not soluble in water or acid. In its purest form, it has a clear, marble-like white, while together with impurities it can provide the most breathtaking patterns and colors. The uniqueness of each quartzite countertop is one of the main reasons why people pick this material.

Quartzite stone countertops can be a great addition to your home – we’re sure you’ve got that by now. Back in the day, they were only made from quartzite in the purest form. Nowadays, it also contains impurities, and thus needs very proper testing in various acidic solutions. Also, the price you might pay for a pure quartzite block can be very high.

More often than not, the price of a quartzite countertop will be much higher than the same option in granite. The fabrication process will also be easier and you will never have to worry about impurities and other such issues.

If the two options would have the same price, though, there would be no contest. Quartzite is more durable, has a very powerful feeling and the uniqueness of each project and design will surely persuade each buyer to opt for quartzite over granite. The choice, in the end, will always be with the customer and will always depend on the project.